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Wuxi Werna Alternator Co.,Ltd

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Wuxi Werna Alternator Company., a professional manufacturer of brushless AC generator with an excellent management team, professional design talents and skilled technicians, has always been pursuing the philosophy of "Client first, innovative and preeminent" to work for the objective of creating a top brand of alternator. The product acts as the eternal lifeline of a production-type enterprise, while the abundant product line and product variety are just the extension of this lifeline. WERNA can provide 1500/1800 RPM and 3000/3600 RPM (four-pole and two-pole) AC synchronous generators of various uses with voltage ranging from 110V to 690V. The single-bearing and double-bearing connection with structure conforming to SAE standard forms an integrative construction with comprehensively controlled quality from initial punching to processing of the terminal electronic components. The annual productivity achieves 20,000 units with power range of 5-1700KW.   WERNA has passed the authentication of ISO9001 quality management system and the exported products have passed  CE certification from EU. The products conform to the IEC and DIN standards, and are up to the requirements on efficiency, energy-saving, economy and environmental protection in NEMA standard. Werna alternators adopt 50WW800 cold rolled silicon steel for the entire sheet in design and manufacture, with all the punching plates being integral ones. The process of trimming fully meets the requirements on yokes flux density and wave form, and the copper winding wire is ESSEX grade-H 200-degree high-temperature enamel wire. For the slot-ground insulation and phase insulation, NOMEX paper with sizes of 0.36MM and 0.42MM are adopted respectively, and the notch of each slot is arranged with reinforced insulation measure. The rotor is painted with dedicated rotor glue layer by layer to completely meet the insulation requirements of marine generator. Each generator is subjected to inter-phase and inter-turn voltage-endurance tests and measurement of cold-state DC resistance. The deviation of three-phase voltage is below 0.5%. Made via the vertical immersion process, each rotor goes through strict dynamic balance experiment to guarantee small vibration and low noise when the machine runs. The company also pays particular attention to each detail of the product, such as foot plate and housing plate, plate thickness of outlet box, all the connecting bolts are black bolts with a high strength of 12.9 and screwed down according to certain process sequences. 2/3 winding pitch matching the proper slot slope realizes small distortion factor of voltage waveform of Werna generators to meet the requirements of various power supplies.   On the strength of outstanding sales team and an adequate productive capacity, Werna alternators are extensively applied to various domains and places such as railway, ships, post and communication, high-rise buildings, military industry, oil field, transportation, field construction, refrigerator truck and so on,.Werna alternators are exported to over 30 countries and regions including Europe and America, Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. The company provides the global clients with efficient and reliable service by meeting their different demands and customizing AC generators for special scenarios and applications. By dint of rich manufacture experience, strong technical capability and comprehensive quality control, Werna is practicing the tenet of providing top products and services and the quality policy of continuous improvement for perfection to fully meet the clients requirements.  

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Wuxi Werna Alternator Co.,Ltd